Server Error in '/EmpowerID' Application : Attempt by security transparent method 'TheDotNetFactory.EmpowerID.Web.ServiceProvider.MvcApplication.Application_Start()' to access security critical method ...

If your IIS .NET Trust Level is not set to "Full (internal)" you will see the following error when trying to browse to https://ServerFQDN/EmpowerID.  You will also find that the EmpowerID server will not start to GAC our assemblies and you will see other IIS error pages when trying to browse any of our web services.

To resolve this you need to change the .NET Trust Level to "Full (internal)" in IIS.  In IIS Manager make sure you are on the server node and in Features View.  Double click on .Net Trust Levels.

Change the Trust level to Full and click apply on the right hand side.

You will need to restart any EmpowerID services you have running and run an iisreset.  Once changed the server will start to GAC and browsing to https://ServerFQDN/EmpowerID should show our login screen.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (877) 996-4276 (Option 2) if you have any questions or concerns regarding this guide.

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