Allowing the IdentityForge LDAP Gateway and AS/400 to communicate through a firewall

The following ports may need to be opened between the IdentityForge LDAP Gateway and your AS/400 system for network communications to be successful:

Port 446 (TCP) – DDM
Port 448 (TCP) – Secure DDM
Port 449 (TCP) – Server mapper
Port 8470 (TCP) – Central server
Port 8475 (TCP) – Remote command and program call server
Port 8476 (TCP) – Signon server
Port 9470 (TCP) – Secure central server
Port 9475 (TCP) – Secure remote command/ Program call server
Port 9476 (TCP) – Secure signon server

For more information, please see the following JTOpen and IBM iSeries documentation pages:

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen
Port numbers for host servers and server mapper

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