System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The configuration file entlib.config could not be found

You may encounter an error page similar to the following if the SQL Server .NET Managed Provider attempts to throw an exception:

If you wish to see the underlying error message you will need to place the entlib.config file into the folder indicated in the error message. In the example above, entlib.config will need to be copied to the EmpowerID.Web.ServiceProvider folder.

Copy the following file:

X:\Program Files\TheDotNetFactory\EmpowerID\Programs\entlib.config

to the folder:

X:\Program Files\TheDotNetFactory\EmpowerID\Web Sites\EmpowerID.Web.ServiceProvider\

Replace X:\ with the drive letter where EmpowerID is installed.

Once the entlib.config file is present, open a Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges, type "iisreset" without the quotes and press ENTER.

NOTE: Running iisreset will cause a service interruption. Please schedule this during off-hours if you are performing this task against a production environment.

Next, attempt to reproduce the error. You will now see the true exception that the SQL Server .NET Managed Provider is throwing.

Please note that if you are accessing a load balanced URL you will need to perform this change on each EmpowerID Internet Information Services (IIS) server that is a target of the load balancer. Please remember to remove the entlib.config file once the underlying issue is resolved, especially if this modification is being done to a production environment.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (877) 996-4276 (Option 2) if you have any questions or concerns regarding this guide.

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