Memory gates checking failed because the free memory is less than 5% of total memory

The following error message may appear to the end user when navigating to an EmpowerID web service or may appear in the Application Event Log:

This error message indicates there was insufficient memory for the application to initialize while still leaving 5% of total memory available to the system. The most common cause of this issue is failing to meet the minimum system requirements for EmpowerID. By default 12GB of RAM is required, and more is recommended based on the usage scenario.

The only solution to this error message is to free up some memory in the system by closing other processes, logging off other users, or increase the total amount of memory available to the system. Adjusting the minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService web.config setting to avoid meeting minimum system requirements will invalidate your support and maintenance contract.

Please see the following guides on preparing your servers to meet the hardware and software system requirements for EmpowerID:

EmpowerID Hardware and Software Requirements
Preparing an IIS Server for EmpowerID 2013 installation
Preparing a SQL Server for EmpowerID 2013 installation

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (877) 996-4276 (Option 2) if you have any questions or concerns regarding this guide.

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