Enabling search for SQL Stopwords ("All", "Can", "Use", etc)

1. Login to the SQL Server instance hosting the EmpowerID database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Expand the EmpowerID database, expand Storage, and then expand Full Text Stoplists.

2. Right click Full Text Stoplists and choose New Full-Text Stoplist...

3. In the New Full-Text Stoplist window that appears, click on the Full-text stoplist name: field and enter stoplist_EmpowerID as the value. For the Owner: field, click the ellipses ... button and define the Owner as needed. Leave the radio button selected on Create an empty stoplist and click OK.

4. Navigate back to the EmpowerID database and expand Tables. Right click the EmpowerID database and choose New Query.

5. In the Query window that appears, copy and paste the following T-SQL:

SET STOPLIST stoplist_EmpowerID

6. Replace [MyTable] with the name of the table you wish to enable search for SQL Stopwords. For example, if you want to be able to search for the SQL Stopwords when searching for a Management Role, change [MyTable] to ManagementRole.

SET STOPLIST stoplist_EmpowerID

For more information regarding SQL Server Stopwords, please see Configure and Manage Stopwords and Stoplists for Full-Text Search.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at support@empowerid.com or by phone at (877) 996-4276 (Option 2) if you have any questions or concerns regarding this guide.

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